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Mr. Pen- Bible Journaling Set

Mr. Pen- Bible Journaling Set

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Mr. Pen Bible Journaling Sets

  • Mr. Pen Bible study kit is an all-in-one package designed to enhance your Bible study experience, featuring a variety of tools including a scripture-inscribed study journal, versatile writing instruments, and colorful accessories.
  • Equipped with 2 mechanical pencils for precise notes, 2 smooth gel highlighters that won't bleed through pages, 2 vibrant highlighters for key passages, and 2 fine pens for detailed annotations.
  • Personalize your Bible with 4 rolls of decorative washi tape, blank tabs for section marking, and a selection of sticky notes for quick references or reminders.
  • The kit includes 2 lead refills ensuring long-lasting use of the mechanical pencils, adding value and sustainability to your study routine.
  • Enhance your learning with thoughtfully designed Bible study cards for reflection, and keep everything in place with stylish paper clips, making this kit a perfect gift for students and scholars alike.
Brand Mr. Pen
Point Type Fine
Special Feature Refillable
Surface Recommendation Paper
Number of Pieces 1
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