Just a Little About Me: More than a Mompreneur

Just a Little About Me: More than a Mompreneur

Hi, I’m Sarah, the Hawai’i Mompreneur, and my mission at Peachy Pink Family Nest is to create a nurturing online space where families can find inspiration, support, and practical advice for cultivating a harmonious and joyful home life. Through heartfelt storytelling, helpful tips, and creative ideas, we strive to empower moms to foster strong family bonds, celebrate moments big and small, and embrace the beauty of everyday moments. Our aim is to cultivate a community where families feel uplifted, inspired, connected, and encouraged to thrive together in love, laughter, and faith.

I would like to help you thrive in every aspect of your lives to the best of my abilities. Through valuable content, inspiring stories, and practical advice and reviews, we empower our audience to navigate motherhood, mompreneurship, family growth and lifestyle, children's activities, and clean living. By fostering community, curating resources, and maintaining transparency, we create a supportive environment where moms can connect, learn, and grow together.



I am really good at mastering the art of multitasking like a boss! Producing creative solutions on the fly, with my ultimate problem-solver superpowers. With an uncanny ability to juggle a million things at once while trying to keep my cool, is a serious talent. Armed with intuition sharper than a superhero's spidey-sense, I navigate the twists and turns of motherhood and entrepreneurship with grace and grit. I don't need a cape to be a superhero – just a heart full of love and the determination to conquer anything that comes my way!

"Let me tell you, Sarah or better known as the Hawai’i Mompreneur, is a wonderful creative designer, she's not just creating blogs and products – she's crafting moments of joy and inspiration for families everywhere. Her blogs are not just informative, but heartfelt, offering valuable insights and practical tips that resonate with every mama. And her products? Absolutely delightful! But what truly sets her apart is her genuine care and dedication. Whether it's through her beautifully crafted content or her thoughtful customer service, Sarah goes above and beyond to make every interaction special. It's no wonder why Peachy Pink Design Studio has become my go-to destination for all things peachy, pink, and positively delightful!"

— Ally K.

I want you to get to know me a little beyond my blogging and business so here goes a fun facts list about me… (I hope to see your comments to get to know you to)

  1. I was born in Hawai’i
  2. I love sleeping in as late as possible (impossible right!?)
  3. Please don’t wake me earlier than I need to be up 
  4. I love food and family restaurant outings!!!
  5. I’m crazy insecure but also crazy confident…guess just depends on the situation
  6. My favorite thing to do is…SLEEP! (I don’t get much of it) 
  7. My love language is food and music
  8. I really love interior design and decor 
  9. My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them 
  10. One day I will travel all around the globe 



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